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Mistakes People Make When Installing CCTV Cameras

To improve on security ,most people have embraced the use of closed circuit television (cctv) to monitor the vicinity of the area . These are cameras designed to monitor and record the happenings of a place by capturing both pictorial and video recordings.

This installation is a guaranteed security because the happenings of a place can be tracked down based on time. They act as evidence of crime and to signal any danger or intrusion.

Despite the convenience and it's efficiency there are many blunders that people make that render the use of CCTV very useless and of less importance . This is because of the following reasons.

(1) Not assigning special people for 24 hours monitoring

The main problem people do is installing cctvs and failing to allocate people to watch and monitors them .This is a big disadvantage because,once there is a security alert there will be no quick response and no one to send the signal.

(2) Not covering the whole vicinity

Cameras are only focus in one area .this may not give general view of the area and Intruders may use it to their advantage to hide and move unseen

(3)Not having alternative backup power

It's good to make sure that your CCTV are 24 hour effective. They can still operate when light goes off .This can be enhanced by adding backup power generators to effect it.

(4)Making all cameras visible

Don't use all see able cameras because thieves can easily see them and calculate their way out or destroy them. Make sure that there are some hidden cameras that cannot be easily recognized. Placed in strategic locations.

(5) Deleting past events

Most people assume that there is no need of past recordings they delete them. When they are tracked for analysis ,it becomes very difficult to collect data

(6)Using low quality CCTV cameras

Many people will not care about the quality of video the CCTV will capture ,it becomes very difficult during video analysis to identify criminals who could be easily recognized if the CCTV were of good quality

Content created and supplied by: @Greatwinkenya (via Opera News )


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