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Does Your Phone Have Password Or Pattern? Do The Following To Be In The Safe Side

Mobile phones contain personal information of the user some which are very sensitive if they they land to unauthorized users.

For this reason the mobile phone industry has tried to improve the security of the mobile phones by introducing some features like pattern and password to unlock phone before one starts using it.

It is a precaution measure and it's recommend for privacy and security. However, at the same time it's very risky to lock your phone using this features.

This is because you can become unconscious anytime while away from people who know you and communication has to be done to your relatives soonest possible as you receive first aid like the case of an accident or sudden sickness.

For this reason it is recommended that one should follow the procedure below inorder to add the numbers of your close relatives who can be called Incase of such emergencies without necessarily unlocking your phone.


You can agree with me that you cannot access your contacts list when your phone has a password, fingerprints or pattern.

However, at the bottom there is an icon that appears written emergency. Press the emergency icon and emergency information will be displayed. Double click the emergency information and a pencil like icon will appear on the right side of your screen. Click on the pencil to edit.


Then add the contacts of your closet friends and relatives that you may wish to be conducted when an emergency arises.

The contract you have added can be reached even when your phone is locked with password, fingerprints and patterns.

Incase of an emergency, the passersby and neighbors can click on the emergency call icon and pick any of the numbers you added belonging to your closet family members and friends without necessarily unlocking your phone.

Share widely to save souls.

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