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Google to fund Kenyan ideas, how to apply

The giant tech company, a Google company have decided to lift up Kenyans with unique giant ideas to motivate their ideas through Startup Funders Funds (BFF) set for Africans.

These funds from tech giants is aiming at boosting over 60 African startups and is expected to take Ksh. 465 million according to its program.

Those who will succeed on applications will be required to have an equity free cash reward of between Ksh.5 million to Ksh. 10 million for the advancement of the ideas they posses.

These successful applicants will receive up to Ksh. 20 million in Google cloud credit. This will also be accompanied by a strong network for mentorship and these will help the state ups to settle all the unique challenges faced by the ideologic people.

For the interested applicants, you must have an early stage start up with black founders as well as the diverse founding teams with their headquarters within the states in Africa.

The interested applicants should also be beneficiaries of African Communities, technology builders for finding solutions to Africans as well as global market creators and creators of job opportunities.

Visit this logo to apply were you will display your email address account.

The duration for application ends at May 31, 2022, and the list of winners will be announced on July 29, 2022 by the Google company.

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