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If You Have To Use Your Phone At Night, Do The Following Things

Phones always emit blue light which is always dangerous to our eyes at night. If you must use your phone at night, make sure the following items are in place before you start using your smartphone. 

 1. Make sure the room is well lit   

Using the phone in a dark room increases the risk of visual impairment because the blue light emitted by the phone screen is dangerous. If the room is well lit, the concentration of light from the device will not directly hit your eyes, reducing pressure and keeping the eyes at rest.  

2. Use blue light filtering glasses 

 These glasses will be used to filter light and ensure your eyes are well protected when using your phone at night.  If you don't have these glasses, you can still use sunglasses, they will keep the same use. 

 3.Activate eye care mode

 Finally, when using your phone at night, make sure that eye care mode or night mode is activated. This will filter out the blue light emitted by the device you are using.

Content created and supplied by: Dnesh (via Opera News )


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