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How to get more than 100k YouTube subscribers.


Remember that getting more views is not a competition. So, collaboration is key to gain more. When you get together, you will attract more people than just working separately.

Schedule your content.

I have to emphasize this because it is very important. When you schedule the time or the day you will be uploading your video, many people will stay tuned because they will be expecting something from you.

Use some glue.

I am the glue that holds my channel together, and it is important that every channel has some. It might be music or fashion or science or even you yourself, but figure out what your glue is, and apply some to each video!

Persuade the viewers to subscribe.

This doesn't seem necessary but it is very important. When you have more subscribers, you will have more viewers. Try your best to tell many people to subscribe to your channel and thank me later.

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