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Here are Terms you did not understand in Wireless Networks

Advertisement in technology has led to invention of digital electronics such as computers, televisions, radios and mobile phone. These electronics require network connection to communicate and share information and resources. The connection can either be physical like using cables or wireless connection.

Wireless connection or networking is one which uses electromagnetic waves travelling through free space to connect stations or devices.

Types of wireless networks are as follows.

1) Personal Area Network (PAN)

This network type has the shortest range which is within a person's reach. It includes standards such as Bluetooth.

2) Wireless Local Area Network or Local Area Network (WLAN/LAN).

It has a range which is within a building or campus. It's standard include WiFi.

3) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

It's range is within a city and its standard is wiMAX.

4)Wide Area Network (WAN).

It has a range of Worldwide reach. It's standard include cellular networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

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