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How to Restrict Unnecessary Notifications on top of Your Phone Screen When you Switch on Your Data

Android phone always work according to their settings and sometime the restrictions. If you have realized that your phone is sending you so many notification just after you switch on your data, this is happening because you have allowed it in your phone setting. Sometimes these notifications are so many and may consume so mach of your data. Not just that they may distract your programs in so many ways. The best thing is that these notifications can be blocked or restricted such that they will not appear in your phone again.You have the ability to allow the important apps to send you a notification such that when you receive a message from your what app, you can get a notification even before you open the what app. So what you just need to do is allow the important apps to send you notification and then block any other app that you don't need notifications. If you want apps such as Tweeter and Facebook to notify you then you just need to allow them.

To complete this exercise you just need to visit your phone master. Some phones refers to this app as phone manager. On this app you will find a setting where you can mark the apps that you need to receive notifications from. Once you confirm and apply those settings, no any only the apps you want can send you notifications. This will just take you few minutes and will as well save your data since these notifications needs data.

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