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3 Most Dangerous Android Apps You Should Not Install on Your Phone

1. Fildo Music

Fildo, which was originally an illegal music downloading software masquerading as a local music player, is the penultimate app on our list. Following the scans, the app's music downloading capability was disabled, and it was rebranded as a music management app.

2. RT News

Russia Today (RT) is the Russian government's official mouthpiece and is funded by the Kremlin. The network caters to western audiences by providing news channels, blogs, and a variety of mobile apps in English. Despite its claims to be a high-quality journalistic enterprise, it is frequently utilized as a propaganda platform for Vladimir Putin's administration and has been noted as a key source of disinformation on US politics and Brexit by western intelligence agencies such as the CIA and MI6. If you don't want to be overwhelmed with fake news, stay away from this news app.

3. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is another another popular third-party browser that promises a lot but delivers very little. It's a flash-enabled browser that's a tracking nightmare and should be removed right away. Dolphin not only saves your incognito mode browsing sessions, but it also reveals your original IP address, according to several allegations over the years. It also includes a slew of other 'features,' such as video players and speed boosters, which merely add to the bloat.

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