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Stop charging your phone at night, Here is why

Many individuals prefer to charge their phones at night so that when they wake up, they can continue with their daily activities because the phone is completely charged. When someone has a morning trip, he or she may charge the phone at night so that he or she does not go when the phone is off. As much as you want to be online all day, you may be putting the battery in jeopardy. As a result, your phone may not survive as long as you had hoped.

If we take for example you have been charging your phone overnight for a year, it means that the phone has been in contact with raw energy continuously for a period of 3 or 4 months without being unplugged. This is actually too much stress to the battery and therefore it will destroy its capacity within a very short time. It will be unlikely for the battery to last for a year if you continue overcharging it.

It is difficult to wake up at the exact moment when the phone will be fully charged. The guy will be sound asleep at that moment, making it extremely difficult for him to wake up. As a result, you'll sleep better if you leave your phone unplugged from nighttime till morning. This could be extremely dangerous and counterintuitive for the user as well as the battery life span. It is self-evident that the phone will not last long before the battery is depleted. One of the signs of a damaged battery is that it will fall down in a very short period of time. You will charge it till it is fully charged, then it will indicate that the battery is ready in less than an hour.

Some people use the automatic switch, which turns off the phone after it is fully charged. When the phone achieves 100% charge, it will turn off. However, this is no longer safe because it will begin charging when the phone's battery level reaches 99 percent. This will result in continuous charging, which will deplete the battery's life. The heat produced by the phone increases while it is charged. The phone will begin to behave oddly over time, finally rendering it worthless. It's critical to look after it before it gets to this point.

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