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Fun Things You Can Do On The Internet

Here are fun things you can do on the internet.

Especially during this difficult Covid 19 era.

They are enlisted below;

1. You can download torrent files including movies, music, games etc. So long as it's not anything illegal.

2. Learn magic tricks, there are video websites that can help you learn cool magic tricks.

3. Send an anonymous emails to someone you want to get even with.

4.Learn any language in the world, if you wish to be a multilingual, there are websites that can assist you.

5.Watch from hundreds of documentaries, including animals, history, etc.

6. Get free wifi from all over the world, there are websites with the list of countries all over the world.

These are the worderful activities that you can do on the lookout internet. This will enable you to keep yourself busy.

Remember, the internet helps us to do many things but it can also hurt us.

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