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How to Reverse Credit Sent to Wrong Number

You intended to send ksh500 credit to your better half or a friend but later, after confirming with them(recipient) you realize that you had dialled a wrong digit.

Sending credit to a wrong number has been a common mistake that people make. If you have never had such an experience, then most people have been stumbling around when sending credit.

Luckily, you can reverse the credit sent to a wrong number in no time.

Here are some steps to follow if you need back the credit;

1. Dial 100

One of the best and highly preferred method is calling their customer cares (Safaricom). By reaching out to the telecommunication company via the abovementioned number, be sure of getting some help. 

Make a call and talk to one of their customer cares. You will be asked to provide your details and the number you sent the credit. The credit will be reversed to your number after providing correct details. 

Give them a call as soon as possible before the recipient utilizes the credit.

2.Social media

Facebook and such have made work easier as you can share your query and get help. Even though it is somehow a slow process, contact them.

You will have to wait for some minutes before they get back to you. Obviously, you will share the number and the amount of credit sent for quick reversal. 

A point to note, you will only get back the credit when the recipient has not utilized it. 

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )

Dial 100


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