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If You See These 3 Signs In Your Phone, Someone Could Be Spying And Reading Your WhatsApp Messages

With the evolution of smartphones, many people across the world can access all the information they need at their comfort without visiting a cyber or a physical location. Smartphones have simplified everything and no one is ready to be left behind with the current trends.

But did you know that these smartphones come with threats to your privacy? Friends, family members, or partners may want to spy on your WhatsApp messages to know whom you chat with and what you discuss most accesing it.

With Whatsapp being the common mode of communication across the World, it is not guaranteed that your chats cannot be spied on. Below are three common signs that someone could be monitoring your mobile phone and reading your WhatsApp messages without your consent.

Whatsapp Web:

Whatsapp web is the easiest way that hackers use to spy and read your messages and calls. Though for you to use Whatsapp web you need to scan a QR code, it is evident that as a victim you can see a notification that someone is using Whatsapp web from your end.

Draining of the Mobile Battery:

If you are not downloading any files and your battery keeps depleting so fast, it simply means some applications might be running in the background. Hackers tend to have access to the application which are downloaded from unknown sources hence able to access your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Hanging Frequently:

If your WhatsApp keeps hanging or stopping all of a sudden, then someone somewhere could be spying on you eventually making the application slower. If you are not receiving any messages on Whatsapp and all of sudden the application keeps stopping, consider it as a sign you are being spied on.

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