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How To Identify A Counterfeit Smart Television In The Shop Before Purchase

There are number of very cheap smart televisions that have appeared on the market and some of these televisions are branded with household names like LG, Sony and even Samsung, with there prices as low as 12000 Kenyans shillings for a 32 inch smart or even LED televisions. Here are some of the key features that you can check to verify if a television is counterfeit or original before purchasing it .

The location of the serial number

Televisions have their serious number and model number located on the right side of a television. Original smart television provides the serial number and model number from the user interface when the user navigates to; Menu>Support>Contact Samsung/ LG. The serial number on the television must also match with the serial number that may be found on the packaging box that comes with the television.

Check the logo keenly

Check the logo found on the television having in mind the real logo of a brand that you are looking for. Counterfeits products will have a slightly modified logo from the original.

Check warranty card

Warranty card should be provided along with the television. This will ways further information such as contact information.

Call customers

You can call the toll free number on the warranty card to confirm if the model and the serial numbers are valid.

Check television user interface

Furthermore for an original smart television the software should be able to update, so you can try to update the software to see if the television is original or you are about to buy a counterfeit product.

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