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Things You Should Know About Facebook, Youtube, And Instagram

Hello again, welcome back to the most important and educative article which will help you understand many things you don't know about Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. In the article today I want to talk about the amount of money one can get when verified to youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Let's start with YOUTUBE.

Photos: (Google/Youtube)

To get paid in youtube, first you need to be verified, when I talk about verified I mean you need to have some requirements or eligibility of terms and conditions of YouTube, which is one need to have more than 1000 subscribers and attain 4000 watch hours. Youtube, pays very well, imagine if you have more than 1000 clicks or views you will earn about Ksh1900. So imagine what if you have more than 1000 views, let's assume you have 500,000 views that is a lot of money.


Photo: (Instagram/Google)

The second best type of online business in the world, Instagram pays different from YouTube, there one will be paid through three ways. One is paid through influence of people who are in his/her account, that is followers, and you can also be paid through advertisement. Instagram verified used can earn over 500,000 per month.


Photo: (Facebook/Google)

Facebook pays very well, but first you need to be verified first. One can be paid over 50,000 per month when verified to Facebook.

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