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Most Top Ranked Billionaires In The World Are School Drop Outs, Research Reveals

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are currently leading the world as the top richest people. Surprisingly enough, the two business tycoons have no University or college degree certificates. According to the 2015 billionaire census done by the wealth X. It was found that three out of every ten billionaires across the world, did not finish University or college studies.

Mark Zuckerberg dropped ou of College years back in the early 2000s. He proceeded to work in full time at his new Company (Facebook) by then. He dropped out of Havard University during his first year of enrollment.

Bill Gates who is currently the richest man on Earth, once dropped out of Havard University. He chose to focus more on his computer programming industry. He is known as the father of computer programming after he founded the Microsoft software

The report further shows that, most of those billionaires who managed to get the university degree certificates, did not go beyond this level. Out of 100% graduates, it is only 30% of them who went ahead to achieve a masters and doctorate degrees.

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