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A New Feature That Will Soon Enable You To Silently Leave WhatsApp Groups

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For many people, they have been added to a new WhatsApp group without their permission.

That is when you come to realize you are not interested but you have a feeling of contempt toward the other members when you try to leave.

This is a widespread dread among many social media users throughout the world, particularly in charity-driven or family groups such as fundraising for a wedding where you are obligated to give yet secretly wish to quit before others notice.

In such situations, one may be hesitant to flee for fear that the rest of the group would notice and severely judge them.

This concern may soon be put to rest, thanks to reports that the messaging app is currently working on a new feature that would allow users to secretly leave a group without the other members seeing.

The popular social app; which has over two billion users worldwide aims to provide users with a privacy feature so that group members are uninformed when a fellow member leaves the conversation.

Currently, the program gives all members the ability to observe when someone joins or leaves the group using a system message produced on the chat.

However, the new feature will prevent group members from seeing the exit notification; which is now visible.

Only group admins will have access to information regarding their members' departures.

WhatsApp beta for Android and iDevice Operating System (iOS) for Apple smartphones will also have the capability.

Although the parent company of WhatsApp, Meta Platforms Inc, formerly known as Facebook has not announced a debut date, the feature is intended to provide users more control over the network.

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