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Safaricom Gives It's Customers Exactly 13 Days To Do This

Safaricom, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Kenya and East Africa, today announced a major push for all Safaricom SIM cards.

According to official data, 15 million mobile subscribers did not register their SIM cards by August 30, a week before October 15.

According to the data, 80.7 percent of Safaricom's 42.53 million subscribers had registered for SIM cards by the end of August, with 8.2 million still waiting.

Airtel Kenya, which has 17.04 million subscribers, is still waiting for 4.65 million subscribers to sign up for its lines, of which 72.7 percent have done so.

Mobile network operators have given their millions of customers about 13 days to register all the unregistered SIM cards they say they have before the grace period set by the Communications Regulatory Authority (Communications Authority of Kenya) to register.

The mobile service provider said that all SIM cards not registered before October 15 will be disconnected.

"Your line has been canceled and will be disconnected on October 15," Safaricom said.

In addition, Safaricom has ordered an extension of the grace period for the mandatory registration exercise and urged its customers to get their socks on and register their SIM cards by October 15, 2022.

According to CA, the SIM registration drive has resulted in the closure of 200,000 SIM cards registered with incorrect credentials.

In addition, the CA proposed new rules requiring customers to submit biometric data such as fingerprints and facial features that help identify them when registering a SIM card.

CA intends to create a database that will serve as a repository for personal and corporate cell phone records for ease of verification and retrieval.

The database will contain information about SIM card subscribers and will be linked to government databases such as the company registrar and the death database.

The move is aimed at combating mobile fraudsters while also preventing SIM cards belonging to dead people from being used for fraudulent purposes.

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