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Biggest and Most Used Social Media Platforms in Kenya

Just the other day, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp sites in the entire world crashed for some hours to what was said to be a cyber attack. Many people felt that they were totally in the dark following the few hours of disconnection. This article seeks to reveal some of the most used social media platforms in Kenya. Take a look.

As of the year 2021, Kenya had a population of 54.38 million people. With that number, there were 21.75 million internet users as of January 2021. The number is divided over to various social media platforms available in the country.


For a long time, Facebook has dominated the Kenyan platforms with many flocking in to connect with each other.


Twitter has overtaken WhatsApp as many seek to find reputation in the blue app. It is fast gaining users in the country.


The app is one of the basic means of communication in the country. Many love it due to privacy and the ease of usage.

4. Youtube (18.4%)

The app is mostly used for videos.

4. Linked In(10.5%)

Many have resorted to linked in owing to the fact of rampant unemployment in the country. The site is one of the many you can easily find a job.


This app is mostly used by famous and renowned socialites to share their photos.


This is an upcoming dating app.

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