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Whatsapp introduces new web shortcuts for its Desktop site

Since 2009 Whatsapp has been the to go app for fast and reliable messaging between Friends and family. Despite the security concerns that arose after acquisition by Facebook, billions are completely hooked. With it becoming a Facebook company, a lot of improvements have been done including the latest introduction of Keyboard shortcuts when using Whatsapp web. For those who do not know,this basically allows you to use Whatsapp on your desktop or personal computer by scanning a QR code on your android or IOS device. These shortcuts can be accessed on settings>keyboard shortcuts

Here are Some of the common shortcuts I found myself really using :

1. Mark as Unread - CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+U

2.Archive Chat - CTRL+ALT+E

3. Settings - CTRL+ALT+ ,

4. Delete chat - CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE

5. Search - CTRL +ALT+ /

Eventually hoping that Whatsapp web will have a mod version, that can support the likes of GB, FM and Yo Whatsapp. But until then, the user interface upgrade is worth a note down.

Content created and supplied by: ShalomWambua (via Opera News )

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