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Signs someone is tracking your phone

We all store an incredible amount of personal information in our phones in the form of text messages , emails , voicemails , photos and social media accounts also have some information . All these sensitive data is stored in the phone . On one hand the phone is a wonderfully convenient but on the other hand , if someone is tracking your phone that leaves you in a deeply vulnerable state .

There is always a risk that a hacker , a coworker or even a jealous friend may be invading your privacy and spying on you . This is usually fone through spying apps that monitor your phone . Below are the signs that someone may be tracking your phone .

1 . Unusually high data usage .

High data is used in your phone than usual to transmit information .

2 . Battery drainage .

Spyware running in the background monitoring your activities uses a lot of battery.

3 . Low speed .

The phone performs its function at a low speeds as compared to earlier days before it was tracked by a spy .

4 . Increased battery temperature .

The phone's battery temperature becomes very high than normal as the phone is performing a lot of activities in the background .

Those are the few signs that your phone is being monitored by a spy . Follow me snd thanks for reading this article .

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