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DCI Reacts To A Popular Meme That Has Been Circulating Online

Kenya is a home of great and talented minds. Many people have been seen making their daily living in the country through carrying out simple tasks that involve creativity.

With the scarcity of jobs, creativity has been the rescue route for many Kenyan youths. Kenyan youths have used the internet to improve themselves daily and earning income. Some have become creative writers and digital content creators.

Crating memes or pictures with humor is one of the creative means. One meme created recently has hit the headlines turning out to be so hilarious that even the DCI that has always been posting serious criminal cases could not ignore it.

The admin said that the meme is so hilarious and the creator should visit the DCI's canteen for Lunch with the admin. By doing that this, the DCI is encouraging digital online creators to continue being creative and make more Wonderful contents.

"Hii Meme nayo imeweza! 🤣🤣. Huyu msee akuje lunch kesho DCI canteen, Admin atalipa" The DCI posted. Below are deferent versions of the meme.

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