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Saba saba throwbacks

On this Saba Saba day I'd like to celebrate legends who have brought us to where we are now. 

1. Guys who used xmo to send us money

2. Those who wrote telegraph messages

3. People who sold pastal stamps

4. Ladies who worked in simu ya jamii. Mpesa ladies,, real queens were there in simu ya jamii

5. Telephone operators on 991 who allowed us to make reverse calls, even to public offices

6. Guys who allowed us watch SmackDown, and www wrestling on their black and white great wall or Panasonic. 

7. Watu wa battery charging, we'd pick our batteries after two days to watch Bill Cosby and the bold and beautiful

8. Metro FM, and metro tv, the first alternative tv stations, and first 24 hour radio station. KBC used to close with prayers and 12am, till 5am to open with prayers.

9. Guys who owned Peugeot 505.they were the only express shuttles before Nissan matatus

10. Guys who let us open a window on their computer ya mgongo. Even adding colour or light would qualify one as computer literate. I don't know if people still go to computer classes

11. Guys who helped us compose polyphonic ringtones one our Nokia 3310. Or Motorola T190. 

12. Guys who gave us old newspapers to cut song lyrics, or love messages, that's how I knew Celine Dion myy heart will go on. I still have my 1998 autobook

13. The first Internet phone. There was a site called whaptrick. We got our ringtones and animations there

14. Guys who had sony CD changer. ii had a three CD changer in college. Others had a five CD changer.  

15. Guys who had radiograms (kinanda). Oh, I used to dance to be given 10 and 5 cent coins. 5 cent could buy five biscuits. 

16. Parents who allowed us watch the bold the beautiful. That's when I first saw people kissing. A very important life lesson

17. Guys who repaired bicycles especially selling wires.  

18. The guys with your urban pop culture. Wah, mlituchanua Na reggae. 

19. Watu wa kuchoma nywele Na tin ya blue band. It was the best blow dry ever.

Add yours in comments section.

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