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Six "battery killer" mistakes that ruin your smartphone

The batteries powering our smartphones have a limited life cycle but users can increase their batteries' life span with smart charging habits.

Smartphones enable people to communicate, acquire information and run their businesses. Treat your phone like the asset it is with the following scientifically proven charging tips according to android authority.

1. Don't let the phone die

A dead phone is a bummer but is also a knock against the battery. If you let your battery die or drop to less than 10 percent, the battery will be exposed to unnecessary stress.

The optimal stage to charge your phone is when it is in the 15%-20% range according to android scroll.

2. Avoid third party chargers

Be very wary of using third party cables or adapters.

The charger that comes with the phone on purchase was meant to provide the phone with proper amount of voltage according to the manufacturer.

3. Using phone while charging

While taking a forced break from your phone to let it charge can be inconvenient, it is best to leave it alone when plugged in.

The phone can overheat and damage the hardware, which puts the phone and the user at risk. Extreme heat is one of the reasons Android Authority advises removing the phone 's case when charging.

Using the phone while charging will slow down the charge as the device is shuttling power to run the apps instead of the battery.

4. Overcharging

Users want to have as much charge overtime. But pilling on the battery and plugging in when it has more than 70% can backfire on the user in the long run.

Overcharging will degrade the battery in the long run, meaning the phone won't be able to retain charge in the long -run.

6. Apps advertising fast charge

There are several apps store in goggle play that offer battery data and analysis.

This battery can optimize battery usage, but app can alter the phone's hardware and it's charging speed or ability.

An additional app will run in the background taking up some charge with it.

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