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8 Classic Things Every 90s Kids Should Know

Take a look at these photos and you would wish to go back to the good old days.

They are:

1. KBC

Back then, it was known as Voice of Kenya, with shows like "Tausi", "Penzi Hatari" among others.

2. Hallo Children book

Does Mr and Mrs Kamau ring a bell? It was every 90s kids favorite book!

3. "Koo kali" (mints)

"Peremende" and "patco" were like Ed and Eddy's jawbreakers those days.

4. Motorola and Nokia cellphones

People who owned these gadgets were the most respected those days.

5. Cassette and radio recorders

You were not considered a DJ without these main electronics, you must have them.

6. Eveready batteries

Where did it go? It was the better option for your torches and wall clocks back then.

7. Omo washing powder

Aah! The good old quality washing powder, it would remove even the most stubborn stains.

8. Blue Band margarine

This kid featured in the picture is now an old man. He's known as Mr. Daniel in Maria TV series.

There are so many old pictures that can drift you back to them days. Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: Pablo254 (via Opera News )

KBC Koo kali Penzi Hatari Tausi Voice of Kenya


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