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Mistake To Avoid While Using Smartphone - Expert

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By Fredrick Ameka

Technology is growing gradually all over the world. In Kenya, majority of citizens own at least one smartphone bought from various electronic shops or companies. Some of the smartphone owners would be seen exposed to direct sunlight while holding the device. This will happens either while walking in town or any other place without the owner knowing sunrays can damage the phone.

However, a smartphone is made of two materials that absorb heat very quickly; glass and Metal. The glass touchscreen exposed to direct sunlight will quickly overheat and start to act up. This might cause total malfunction of the screen or unresponsive to touch. Sun exposure can also cause the battery to lose its charge very quickly. When phone is left in the sun for a longer period of time, it puts even more strain on the battery. The battery can also lose its ability to charge. 

Further, Electronics technician Brian Ochieng based in Kisumu town says, " Exposing your phone to direct sunlight for a long time can cause internal damage that is beyond repair. All smartphones users should note that Issues like data loss, motherboard failure, and even internal corruption to your files is dangerous and can't be fixed." Brian said.

Though, some phones come with built-in sensors. The sensor will notify you if your phone is overheating. If you are notified with the warning message, you will have to make sure your phone is out of the heat before it shuts itself down. If you are exposed to direct sunlight while using it, its advised to move under a shade.  

Content created and supplied by: @fredrickameka (via Opera News )

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