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Top 5 Most Expensive TVs In The World 2021.

In the world there different types of TVs which are large in size and they are also so expensive but of very high quality. Surprisingly is that some of this Tvs can go up to 370 inches that they are even bigger than an elephant. I am going to share with you some of these expensive Tvs in the world.

1. The Titan Zeus.

Who needs to go to the movie theatres if you have the Titan Zeus at home? This mammoth television with an equally heavy name is one of the largest TVs in the world. The Titan Zeus spans a whopping 370 inches diagonally making it 26 feet wide and 16 feet tall for scale, this giant TV could make an elephant look small. It comes with a brilliant 4K resolution, motion tracking, touch sensitive technology, and a cool feature that converts the TV into a dynamic CGI fish tank. However, getting the giant TV inside your house could be quite a task. The cost of this TV $1.6 million.

2. C Seed 201.

This unique TV weighs almost half a ton and was specially designed for people who want to experience outdoor cinema in their sprawling gardens. The stunning C Seed 201 was created by the Pitcher Design studio in 2011. The massive TV unfolds from an underground storage station like a spectacular monolith, transforming into one of the largest outdoor TVs in the world. With a stellar 20 inch display, 12 broadband speakers, 3 sub- woofers, this waterproof TV is the intimate experience of outdoor of outdoor luxury entertainment. It comes with a price tag of $680,000.

3. Panasonic TH- 152UX1W.

This stunning TV used to be the largest TV in the world until 2010. With a huge 152- inch screen, the TV has a 4K plasma display and weighs around half a ton. This spectacular TV offers an immersive 3D experience and coupled with such a giant screen, it could be quite enthralling. To accommodate the giant luxurious television in your room, you would have to pay a price of around $500,000.

4. Sharp LB- 1085.

This model was launched in 2008 and was designed for 24 hour use. This television came as a boon to all the people whose favourite pastime is watching TV. If features a 108 inch LCD screen with a full - HD resolution and low reflection technology. The TV was created to be used all day without degrading the picture quality over time. This television, which was way ahead of its time, was launched at a price of around $160,000.

5. Samsung UA110S9.

This 110 inch 4K behemoth comes with voice and facial recognition and can read gestures. So, you could navigate and operate the TV by using your hands. Pretty cool, right? With an iconic frame design, HD sound, and Ultra HD local light control, the television offers an immersive entertainment and media experience. This pricey television could set you back $152,000.

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