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Tiktok, Among Other Apps To Be Banned In US After It Was Termed A Threat To State Security

Tiktok is a well known Chinese video app that is widely used by teenagers. It is used worldwide by an individual or a group of people to post different videos with different messages.

The app will be removed from the US app store on Sunday September 20 as Washington moves to implement executive orders from President Donald Trump. This will also see the removal of weChat, a Chinese social media app,according to a person briefed by Financial Times on plans.

Some critics have asked questions why the video app is being removed which is widely used by teenagers. Experts responded by saying that the data gathered by the app on users is a threat to US security.This is according to a post made by Financial Times on social media.

"Tiktok posed a a threat to security by potentially allowing China to collect information on federal employees... build dossiers on personal information for blackmail" Trump said .

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