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Why Your Safaricom Internet Bundles Drain so Fast

You bought 10mbs data bundles but before using them you get a message from Safaricom that you've exhausted your Internet bundles and that you need to recharge to be able to browse.

Most Safaricom users have been grumbling about their data bundles disappearing mysteriously. 

Most think that they have been rooked which is not the case. 

Ever asked yourself why they run out so fast?

Keep reading as we unearth the major reasons why your bundles drain so fast.

1. You've not restricted your background data. 

In a layman's language, a background data is basically a data that is consumed when you are not actively using an app. 

Some installed apps on your smartphone will periodically refresh and update themselves when the background data is on or even when they are not in use. If an app is not connected to WiFi, the data bundles get used up to update some information like new features and such.

If you want to get rid of background data, this is how to go about it; on your smartphone, go to setting then tap data usage and restrict your background data. 

2. Notifications

We get notifications from Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and such when our mobile data is on.

Depending on how you've synchronized your apps, you will be get some notifications on your smartphone from time to time especially when your mobile data is on.

To save your data, go to setting and block notifications. 

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )

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