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The Most Important App That You Should Never Miss On Your Smartphone [Opinion]

Smartphones have helped us to perform different things that we were not able to do before their introduction. Many people nowadays do not depend on televisions and radios for news because some phones are already installed with applications which can assist you get news. [Photo Courtesy]

The social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram has helped us get important information on time before they get stale. For instance, this week were able to get all the trending news across the globe very easily. That is why many people nowadays have those social media apps which plays a very important role in their lives.

However, there is another app that is usually considered useless by some people but in real sense, it plays a very big role in our lives. The Gmail app is what I am talking about. Emails are always considered the most secure way of sending your information to anyone without it being interfered with.[Photo Courtesy]

Big companies will never ask you to send your job application letter through text message, facebook or WhatsApp. They will always ask you to deliver your information through a secure email address that they will give you.

Big institutions of higher learning and other secondary schools always have email addresses where you can reach them in time. Many people prefer email because when you write something, the information is relayed directly to the person that you are addressing. [Photo Courtesy]

Besides that, your email will also help you in application of some documents like VISA, KRA PIN, Bank account, loan application, driving licence and other important documents. Another thing is that, an email will always help you recover any forgotten password for different documents.

Therefore, a Gmail app, which always host your email is really important when contacting different professional operations. Alternatively, people visit their gmail account through browsers but it is advisable that you have your own application on the phone. That is why most current phones usually come with a pre-installed Gmail app.

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