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Challanges that most online taxi drivers face in Kenya

Online taxi hailing applications such as uber and bolt are very common in Kenya. These apps are loved by many users because they offer quality services at a lower cost. Before the introduction of these applications, most people found it hard when it came to requesting for taxis. Taxi drivers also found it hard to get customers.

When these applications were introduced in Kenya, most taxi driver's turned to them as the customers were readily available. Most people always think that the online taxi business is very profitable as it can make you a millionaire. However, this is not the case as most drivers do not earn that much. Below are some challanges that are faced by most online taxi drivers.

1. Low rates.

The fare charged by the online taxi apps is controlled by the companies and not the drivers. Since most companies want to attract most customers, they tend to give incentives and lower their prices without consulting the drivers. This on the other hand affects the drivers negativity as they are paid little money for covering a large distance. A good example is a case where a bolt driver is paid ksh 60 for covering 70 Km. Apart from the prices, the company also has to take a percentage of the driver's earnings which leaves them with meager amounts to sustain themselves.

2. Insecurity.

Even though most online taxi companies do a background check on their drivers, they do not do one for their customers. This means that some of the drivers stand a chance of being attacked by thugs in the name of passengers. There have been many cases of taxi drivers being attacked by their passengers and yet nothing is done by the companies to ensure that the drivers are safe.

3. Unreasonable blockages.

Most online taxi companies have ways of blocking their drivers when in trouble. Even though thet are only supposed to block drivers when they commit an offence, some of them tend to block drivers just because customers have cancelled their rides. This affects many drivers as they are not in control of their customers plans.

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