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Interesting, This is how Bluetooth Got Its Name

Bluetooth application are common in the phones and home electronic appliances for communication purposes. It has been used so much when it comes to linking phones to computers and actually transfer of files wirelessly from one device to another orfrom a PC to a device. Therefore it is a very important breakthrough in the electronic world.

Something more fasnating is how this precious application got its name and label. According to research the founders of the app named it so din relationship to history of the Nordic world . It is got its name from a nickname of a very famous Vikings king in Scandinavia who United present day Denmark and Norway back in those days.

This king is viewed as a great uniter, and that's why his nickname was used as the Tech's name as it 'unites' devices. According to Britannica the king loved to eat blueberries and one of his tooth had turned bluish. Thus he was nicknamed Bluetooth.

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