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How To Access WiFi Password on Your Phone Technology Is Really Advancing

WiFi is the short form of a wireless fidelity.It is a wireless networking whereby one can access network services at comfort of his home or at work.Nowadays many institutions and business men have adopted use of wireless fidelity in attracting customers as well as carrying out operations easily.

Most owners of WiFi however keeps them locked to enable only authorised persons to access them.Others mostly ones using the WiFi to attract many customers share freely password once you ask.

However,due to advanced technology,you don't have to struggle asking for the password in such a case.You are only required to have one phone either of a friend which is already connected to the network.You will then tap on additional WiFi settings and scan the qr code.

After scanning,the WiFi password will be displayed on the screen of the connected phone of which you will enter in your device and enjoy the network.However,the location of QR code for scanning varies depending on the type of phone.

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