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Do This Immediately If You Registered New Safaricom Line But Still Receive Calls From Unknown People

Many people have been claiming of sharing Safaricom sim cards with others. This in most cases happens with the recycled sim cards in which data may not be totally cleared.

Once you realize this problem, immediately send your details to Safaricom via their official social media pages. Details should contain your registered number, your full name as depicted on the Identification Card and the ID number. Safaricom will work on the issue and give a feedback once resolved.

A concerned Kenyan reported such an issue to Safaricom company to seek assistance. He confirmed buying a new line but still received messages from Washington Mahadhia each month reminding him of KPLC bills.

"I bought a line(NYC) bt each and every month I get an msg. detailed to Washington Mahadhia about KPLc bills I don't understand plz assist." He stated.

In response to the case, Safaricom stated, "Hi Said. Please inbox the number, your full name and ID we check on this."

It was established that many customers have been having this problem but never knew how to go about. It should not make you panick since Safaricom offers a permanent solution.

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