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Top 5 apps every smartphone owner should have

With the development of the old school button phone to smartphones, the twenty-first century has seen a significant technological milestone. Others have been left behind by the digital world, while others want to learn how to use new technologies but have no one to guide them.

Continue reading this article. I'll show you the top 5 apps that every smartphone user should have on their device. It will also show you how to use them, which is the main reason you should have them.

1. Cheetah

It's one of the best smartphone keyboards ever. It has qualities that are unrivaled. You will undoubtedly enjoy it if you download it today.

1. Google find my device.

Why should one boast about possessing a smartphone if it lacks this app? It's significant because it's completely accurate. It's a phone tracking app that helps you locate your phone if it's lost or stolen. It necessitates hacker-free expertise. Before we move on to the next app, you should download this one.

3. English

The days of walking about carrying an Oxford Dictionary are long gone. Of course, it's a heavy suitcase to lug around and peek into whenever you want to double-check a word's meaning... download English. It's an offline dictionary that's simple to use and features all of the vocabulary you'd want.

4. Meditation+

Meditation is the greatest meditation app for offline use. This is the ideal software to use if you want to start meditating or if you already do. Meditation can help you relieve stress and enhance the way your brain works.

5. App lock

With this app, your phone's security and privacy will not be jeopardized. It's a five-star app locker that sticks out among the other security apps. It can multitask by locking other apps and hiding graphics and videos. You only need to set a pin, password, or pattern on the app to be ready to go.

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