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8 Illegal Things we are Aware of but we Still do Them

Downloading from torrent

There are various sites online where you can download your films and movies or even streaming. However downloading movies, applications or any other thing from torrent is illegal and you are breaking the law. Normally, we are supposed to pay to watch premieres, but on this site you just need the internet

Connecting to public WiFi

It is also not advisable to connect to a public WiFi because hackers use such networks to cause harm. Another thing you have to know is that it is illegal to connect to another person’s network without authorization because this means someone else pays for this service and you don’t pay to use

Using fake names

A lot of people who own a social media account do not use their real names, especially the young generation. Some people create a totally different fake online fake ID and this is not acceptable by the rule. In fact, this situation might make you end up in jail

Eating before paying in the store

This is not only a bad habit but it is also illegal. You should never allow your kid to eat anything in the store before paying because it might cost you a lot more if someone decides to report you

Using copyrighted content

There are a lot of copyrighted content like videos, music, articles and even beats. However this is not all, the list is quite long for example even using an image that you got online can get you into trouble. We all have witnessed this.

Texting while driving

This is a bad habit, dangerous and also illegal. You are not only endangering your life but also the lives of other disciplined road users. Even if you are very good in driving, just avoid this kind of behavior

Using social media when underage

Various social media accounts have their own rules as far as age is concerned for example you are not supposed to use What Sapp if you are below 16 years. In general anyone below 13 years is not allowed on social media and there are a lot of reasons for this you all know them.

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