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Use This Code Below To Know How Many Safaricom Numbers Are Registered With Your ID

Safaricom is doing it's best to ensure data security for their customers by making sure that the customer's biometric data is in safe hands. It has come up with security codes that help their customers to confirm the number of Safaricom lines registered under their National Identification Card.

You can do so by simply dialing *106#. A menu will appear on the screen and it contains several options such as; Checking your numbers, report unknown numbers, check reported numbers and cancel a reported number. You will have to select option one and another menu will appear showing you all the numbers registered under your Identification Card. You can also choose to cancel numbers registered under your I'd by using your primary number which is the oldest Safaricom number registered under your I'd.For more updates like this article and leave a comment on the comment section. Thank you so much for reading.

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