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Opinion: Advantages That Smartphones Have Over Ordinary Mobile Phones.

Nowadays smart phones are very common among the users unlike some decades ago, do you know that there are many advantages of owning a smartphone rather than owning an ordinary phone that uses buttons. In this article we are going to see this advantages.

1. You can use Google maps.

Smartphones have great applications which are very beneficial, it is just that many people always doesn’t take interest in them. Google maps are applications that have been installed in smartphones to show you directions. So incase you are lost and you are afraid of asking the passers-by direction, you can turn on your mobile data, turn on my location and write the place where you want to go and it will show you. On the other hand ordinary mobile phones doesn’t have Google maps.

2. You can take photos and videos.

Smartphones have very clear camera and large memory storage space, the days when you would hire camera people to come and help you capture the good moments when you have a celebration are over over. The good thing with these smartphones is that you can either store the photos and the videos that you have taken as softcopy or you can decide to make them as hard copies. Otherwise the other hand ordinary mobile phones doesn’t have cameras large storage space.

3. You can surf the internet and enjoy watching videos on YouTube, or listen to music online.

Smartphones have internet softwares installed on them by the manufacturers, meaning that all that you need to do is to subscribe to internet and you are ready to go. Turn on data then sit comfortable on your chair. You can listen and down music in the internet, you can do your research, play online video games and watch movies online, while in the ordinary mobile phones these actions are impossible.

4. You can use smartphones for other beneficial purposes are monitoring the rate at which your heart bits.

Smart phons have provided solutions to almost all of our daily problems, for example some years back, it was a must for to go to the hospital to have your heart rate bits checked, but today, things are different all you have to do is to download heart monitoring program on your Google play store and monitor your heart bits using your smart phone. While on the other hand you cannot do this things using ordinary mobile phones.

So the next time that you want to buy a mobile phone always go for smartphone, because they have many advantages compared to other ordinary mobile phones.

Content created and supplied by: ERICK77 (via Opera News )



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