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Is your phone charging slowly? Try these tips to charge faster.

1. Plug your phone on the wall not in your computer.

Depending on the device manufacturer and the USB generation, USB ports typically output between 1 and 2.1 amps. Therefore, USB port amperage is much less than if you plug your phone into a wall socket using a manufacturer-approved charger. If you have a newer-generation iPhone or Android phone, you likely have fast-charging technology built into the charger as well.

2. Turn your phone off.

You can do without your phone while it’s charging, turn it off. This keeps it from using any energy for ongoing functions or connectivity, so every bit of the power goes into the battery.

3. Try airplane mode.

Like your phone’s screen, the connectivity of your phone is the other big drain on your battery reserves. If you absolutely must use an app while your phone is charging, put it in airplane mode. Any updates you’ve made or emails you’ve written will go through when it comes back online, but in the meantime, your phone will charge faster if it has less to do.

4. Buy a heavy duty charging cable.

Most devices come with a standard 28-gauge cable that can typically carry around .5 amps, while a larger, 24-gauge premium cable can carry up to four times that amount. If you find your phone is charging too slowly even with the wall charger, consider a strong one. Some heavier-gauge cables are even branded as "fast chargers," which can help reduce charging times in both iPhone and Android phone.

5. Buy a portable charger.

For those who seem to find themselves in a fix due to low battery frequently, a portable charger can be a great investment. A portable charger (or "power bank") is a big battery that you can plug in and charge in advance, so you can throw it in your purse, briefcase, or backpack and use it to charge your mobile phone anytime you want.

Thank you.

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