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The Meaning of The Holes Seen On Music Speakers

Loud speakers always have some holes either at the bottom, on the side or at the back. The holes are there for a purpose. Don't just see them and ignore or fill them with something. If you actually want your speakers to last, don't fill the holes with anything moreso when the speakers are playing music. Here is the reason why you should not fill such holes with anything including hands and clothes.

It's called the bass reflex speaker who's main job is to push out the air produced by the speaker moreso when producing loud sounds. When speakers produce loud sound, they produce a threatening back wave that must be released outside to prevent the equipment from being destroyed. Filling the hole with something will therefore prevent emission of that pressure outside.

The hole also called as a port will equalize the pressure between the inner part and outer part of the speaker. When therefore closed, the speaker will produce a bad sound. The bass notes will be uneven sound. The sound will be unpleasant and boring.

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