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15 Easy Computer Shortcut That are so Beneficial and Saves Time

Have you ever noted that some people are so fast when using a computer. Sometimes you may be doing the same task with another person bit within few minutes he or she is done while you are still starting. Such people uses very important keys that act as shortcuts. Remember that for you to undertake a certain task in your computer, you just need to command it and it will be done. One way fo commanding a computer is by use of the keyboard. This means that if you can be able to learn some shortcuts you will be able to complete your tasks so fast.1.Ctrl button plus A- means selecting all.

2.Ctrl button plus B - means to add bold in your selected text.

3.Ctrl button plus C - means to copy.

4.Ctrl button plus V - paste.Okey

5.Ctrl button plus X - cut.

6.Ctrl button plus Z - undo.

7.Ctrl button Plus U- underline.

8.F1.You can use this button anytime you are stuck and you need help.

9.F2.This button is mostly used to rename the selected objects.10.F5.This button is mostly used if you want to refresh your page. It the computer is loading very slow or hanging.

11.ALT button plus F4.This is a shortcut to close your current window or program.

12.ATL button plus enter. This is to help you check properties of a folder without going through q long process.

13.Ctrl button plus ATL plus Del. This is an easier way to reboot your computer.

Shift plus F10 will command your computer to open context menu.

15.Shift Delete. This is a command for deleting something permanently. It bypass even the recycle bin.

Once you are able to memorize these fifteen shortcut, you may be able to work your computer tasks so fast. All you need is to keep practicing and in time they will stick in your memory.

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