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3 Signs That You Are Addicted To Social Media

In today's world everything has been digitalized and alot of activities are conducted online. Sometimes I spent about a month without coming into conduct with cash money because nowadays you just need your phone or credit card to purchase goods. Other people have also turned social media into business and they are really earning from it. However there are some people who have been addicted to social media and they spend most their valuable time staring at their phone. Signs of social media addiction include.

1. Sleeping late at night while you are online chatting with friends or even looking at what other people post on social media. If you stay awake upto 1 a.m just to be online then you are really addicted to social media.

2. If you can't go one day without posting your pictures on social media. Some people post their pictures almost every day and they spend most of time on social media to check how many likes and comments they get.

3. Using your phone while charging. You are addicted to social media if you can't wait your phone to get fully charged.

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