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2 Easy Ways To Get Trending Topics For Your Articles On The Opera News Hub

Of course, it is only normal for people to want to know what is going on around them, and that is why users of the Opera News App love to read trending stories.

As said in the previous article, users of the app are curious, and that is why news articles that are published immediately after breaking get a lot of engagement.

Because the timeliness of a news article is very important, we have decided to share 2 easy ways you can get trending topics for your articles on the Opera News Hub.

1.      Follow and check verified accounts of celebrities

They often share updates about their personal lives and professional activities on social media handles. You can create articles from the updates.

You can also follow major news channels, broadcast media for updates on politics or state events. (Watch Live TV to track trending news, re-write the news using appropriate images and credit the source of the news).

Google trends is also a great resource to check what is trending daily in Nigeria and across the world.

Check out some links to official pages below.

For all news and images about the Nigerian President and Presidency

For all news, pictures about Nigerian Senate

For trending news, breaking stories in Abuja

For all news Involving Nigerian President/ Presidency

For all the news about the Nigerian National Football Team

2.      Always Trending

People like to read about their celebrities, sport teams, politicians, and even though they are not in the news for that period, the mere mention of their name always attracts a lot of attention.

The smart thing to do is to look for a unique angle about, for example, the lifestyle of these entities, and to write about it. This is because news about them always drive engagement.

Don’t forget, the approved word count for breaking news is about 100 to 150.

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