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How To Get The Blue Badge For Your Facebook Verification

If you are a famous person, politician ,online business person or you just want to try being classy and would like to get a verification for your facebook page to reduce impersonators,fraudstars and comment ,it is high time for you to follow this article closely. You will need to go through these steps in your facebook app inorder to get your profile or page verified and earn the blue-tick tag.

Open the facebook app. Proceed to the three bars in the top right corner. Click on them and navigate to help and support. Click on it and it shows you several suggestions together with a search bar. Type "verification" on the search bar and it's shows you the available options. Click on verification for blue badge.It will show this next page, click on "how do I request verification and then click on the available contact form. This is the form you will fill ,submit and wait for your facebook team to access your eligibility.

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