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KPLC Introduces New Technology to Cub Illegal Connections and Billing Country Wide.

The Kenya Power and the lightning company have been losing over 700 000 units a month with the smart meters.

The manager explained that the company will be able to keep tabs on its consumers and keep clear records of the client's electricity consumption.

The smart meters are linked directly to KPLC systems and can be controlled remotely by the consumers.

"We are here today to install New billing meters. Due to the theft of Electric cables that was going on now, we cannot detect how much has been consumed because it does not pass through meters," he asserted.

"We are installing a meter that has state-of-the-art technology that thieves cannot bypass the system," he asserted.

"Even if you do the repairs in the future we will be able to do all the billing. Now that billing is new and cannot be compared to other technologies the hackers can not be able to bypass the billing So it will be very easy to identify the billing" he asserted.

Kenya Power and the lightning company have started installing new Meters that can detect any hacked billing that cannot be bypassed by Thieves.

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