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If You Must Use Your Phone At Night, Make Sure These 4 Things Are In Place

Smartphones are now an integral part of our daily life. Smartphones have made it possible to do a wide range of things, including banking, shopping, communicating, taking pictures, and surfing the web. There are, however, a few drawbacks to using a smartphone.

One of the most common complaints about smartphone users is that it ruins people's eyesight. In this article, I will discuss four factors that should

1. Ensure the room is adequately lit

To a lesser extent, the blue light emitted by a smartphone screen is less obvious when used in a well-lit room. However, your eyes will have a more difficult time filtering the harmful light if you are using your phone in a dark area, increasing your risk of vision issues.

2. Turn eye care mode on your smartphone

This functionality is built within the phone. The primary goal of this feature is to shield your eyes from potentially damaging blue light.

3. Wear glasses that filter out blue light

If you don't have this specific type of eyewear, conventional sunglasses will do the trick. You may protect your eyes against blue light by using special glasses when using your phone late at night.

4. Adjust the level of brightness

If you're using your phone in a dark room, turn down the brightness till you can see well, and turn it up to the brightest setting while you're outside in the sunlight.

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