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The Role Of Tiny Hole Beside The Charging Port Of Your Phone

The tiny hole beside the charging port on electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets, is often a microphone. It is used to capture sound during phone calls or when recording audio.

The microphone hole may also be used for other purposes, such as noise-cancellation or to measure ambient sound levels. In some devices, the hole may also serve as a vent for internal components to dissipate heat.

It's important to note that not all devices have a microphone hole next to the charging port. Some devices may have the microphone located elsewhere, such as on the top or bottom of the device.

Therefore one should not insert needles, stick or picks in them as they can lead to damage and malfunctioning of the gadgets. When damaged, it could be very expensive to replace again depending on the type of phone. You shouldn't also allow water to get it just for the proper functioning of the phone.

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