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Are You Still Charging Your Phone While Sleeping? See Reasons Why You Should Stop

People think that charging phone overnight up to 100% is beneficial, you should know this might actually damage your battery and may shorten its life.

I know that you have come across various warning on usage of mobile phones including charging them. You have to unplug when it reaches 100% in order to prolong its life.

As you know mobile gadgets contains li-ion batteries which are rechargeable. They are preferred because they recharge quickly than the initial traditional ones. They can get full charge for only up to two to three hours. But, on other hand some phones drain charge faster. However, some phones are made up of powerful batteries which make them last longer than others. This is based on number of times they are charged per day and also duration of charging. That's why it is not advisable to leave you're phone overnight on charging system.

Some phones are capable of keeping power for whole day. This can be based on number of times you watch videos, listening to local music, browsing, taking calls frequently, playing various games among other activities. This drains battery faster than we expect to last.

In order to prolong its life, you should avoid charging you're phone while asleep as it can cause too much stress and may loose its ability to store charges overtime. The end result will be discharging rapidly more than expected duration.

To sum up, you should ensure that you unplug your phone before sleeping and you should avoid using you're phone while charging due to overheating and this might result to damage to your phone battery.

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