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Good News To WhatsApp Users In Kenya As The Following News Is Announced

American internet entrepreneur who is the founder of Facebook, has made announcement online through his Facebook page account that will be the best news to WhatsApp users in Kenya and the world especially for those who likes and loves to make calls via WhatsApp.

(Photo| Mark Zuckerberg)

Normally, WhatsApp calls used to be between two people from each side, it was not possible to add another people like in normal phone calls.

(Photo| Courtsey)

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that there will be joinable calls on WhatsApp from today. This means you can join a WhatsApp call even if you didnot join from the beginning, you can join anytime. This will be only be applicable to audio calls and not video calls.

(Photo| Courtsey)

Facebook and WhatsApp became partners and soon we will have joinable video calls. People across the world were happy and praised the move saying it's best and it will favor a lot of people.

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

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