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This guy has been Collecting Phones for 20 years, Find out Why

Sahabettin, has probably got the highest mobile phone collection you have ever set eyes on. He just started as a phone repairer in about two decades ago,and he has now more than 1000 different types of mobile phones. Almost all of them being of the days before coming of smartphones,when u actually had to push a button rather than screen for calls.

Sahabettin lives in Van, a Eastern province in Turkey where he is still continuing to collect the mobile phone while working as a phone repairer. He claims that his collection would have been larger but is just that thieves broke into his home and stole about 700 of them two years ago.

Even so, he has managed to fill an entire room in his house with mobile phones." I started doing this job due to my interest in cell phones. One day I decided to start the collection thinking that they will be soon outdated.All phones in my collection still works, but they are no longer manufactured," he told Anadolu Agency (AA).

The phone collection consists of the once he has purchased and some which have been discarded with their previous owners.

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