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Never do these 4 things with your smartphone

1. Share location information when away from home

More and more individuals are sharing their location information via their mobile devices, thanks to services like Foursquare and Facebook Places growing increasingly popular this year. They frequently, nonetheless, wind up informing others when they are not at home. If the wrong person sees it, those people may return home to a broken-down house. Location services are fantastic, but they shouldn't be used as frequently as they are.

2. Share personal information over unsecured networks

Many people believe that because smartphones don't run Windows, the operating systems on their devices are safe. That, however, is not the case. Worse, because they can connect to any WiFi network, it's impossible to know whether data sent over that connection is safe. As a result, it's recommended to avoid sharing personal information over insecure networks because it's far too easy for that information to be stolen and exploited against individuals.

3. Access corporate email from unsecured networks

Users should not share personal information over unprotected networks, as we previously stated. But it's more than that. Corporate email is now available from mobile devices, and it often contains critical business information. As a result, cybercriminals are constantly monitoring insecure networks in an attempt to steal data. Beware.

4. Download applications from unknown sources

Downloading applications from untrustworthy sources has placed Android phone owners in trouble. As a result, the programs put malware on their machines, causing a slew of problems. Never install software from an unknown source. Those who do find it is usually more bother than it is worth.

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